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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is Boudoir???!!!
Boudoir is a French word that translates to “Woman’s dressing room or changing room. Boudoir photography is the images you might see in a woman’s stages of dress or undress. This can mean fully clothed or in your lingerie. It should be classic, timeless, and a tease.

2)  Will I be Nude?
No. I do not shoot nudity. We may imply nudity through posing and lighting, but you will be photographed with clothing or cover on.

3)  What should I bring?
Most clients bring 5-7 outfits and multiple pairs of shoes and we can choose the looks together based on what you love and feel most confident it. Some clients like to bring props, a photo, a letter, a favorite jersey or musical instrument – we can chat about ideas during your consultation.

4)  I’m self-conscious about my body- will you help?
I’m here to help you look, feel, and own your beauty. We will work on poses and angles that flatter and compliment you. We can talk about specific areas you’d like to avoid and areas you’d like to focus on.

5)  How long is a session?
I usually schedule two hours, typically we photograph for 90 minutes to allow for multiple looks.

6)  What do you edit?
Depending on the package you select, I choose and edit the best images from our session. Editing includes cropping, color correction, eye brightening, teeth whitening, blemish removal, and I edit a black and white version of each color image I have chosen. I DO NOT USE LIQUIFY or any comparable tool to change the shape of your body – you are beautiful and if I have done my job with posing and light, there is nothing to alter!!

7)  What happens to the photos you don’t choose?
I get this question often – I delete them after delivery. They haven’t been chosen for a reason – bad light, closed eye, strange expression – trust me; you don’t need to see them…

8)  How do I get my images?
Depending on your package they are delivered via a password protected online gallery. From there you select the images you’d like for your album and or which you’d like for prints.

9)  How do you protect my privacy?
I am scary protective about your privacy – I take your photos, I edit them, I upload them to your gallery, I print them, I create your album, and then I physically hand it to you – my computer is password protected in a location that has a comprehensive alarm system including, motion sensors and glass break detectors. Any images used or released, we discuss and you have final approval on.

10)  What is your studio like??
My studio is in the Arts District in Downtown Haverhill, MA. It has ample parking and is walking distance from a dozen coffee shops and restaurants. It is 1,100 square feet and has a private bathroom for you to change in. We have ten, six foot tall windows that provide outstanding natural light! It’s very peaceful and a lot of fun! I have numerous backdrops and furniture options so each shoot is customized to you.

11)  Any other helpful hints??
AlwaysJ Get a full night’s sleep the night before and sleep in the nude without jewelry if you can to avoid any lines or indentations in your skin. Drink plenty of fluids in the week before your shoot and be kind to yourself! Wake up early the day of so you plenty of time for your face to de-puff. DO NOT SPRAY TAN- and avoid strange tan lines in month prior to your shoot.

12)  Why is this so pricey??
I know it’s an investment.  This is my full time job and I’m very good at it. I shoot with top of the line gear, edit, and print on the best equipment available. While we may only shoot for 90 minutes, from the initial consult to album delivery, I typically spend between 10-12 hours on each client. I’m investing in you too!! Hopefully we can work together to get you the photos you’ve always dreamed of!!